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Should I Be Worried?

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This week has been a very busy week at work for me to the point where I hardly get chance to eat but I always make sure to drink water. So yesterday I had breakfast about 8 and a small lunch a little after 12 then back to the busy day. It was so busy I didn't even realize I didn't go to the bathroom. So after work my co-workers and I went to get a early dinner all of a sudden I started feeling very lightheaded so I say sat down got my food and ate after I eat and drank I felt much better. But when I went to bed I still kinda felt the lightheadedness but just slightly. Today came i got up at 5am didn't eat breakfast until after 9 which was just a small muffin and small bottled water. When I finally made it to lunch at about 12:30 right before the server gave me my food I started feeling lightheaded again until after I finish. Now I'm googling my symptom and that's just making me feel worse.

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I worry about everything and lost so much valuable time because of it so try not to get too invested in a major cause. I remembered once I googled vertigo thinking it was uncommon only to find out there were many causes and treatments. I get lightheaded sometimes with sinus infections as they start to form, give it a little time, and maybe take a day of rest and keep in mind there are many reasons for the way we feel and our bodies can recouperate from them. Feel better, R.

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