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Bad day with acceptance

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Hey all,

Well. I posted earlier today its my day off and after a great day yesterday using Claire Weekes acceptance method today I just couldn't seem to find the right way of acceptance.

I felt very bad this morning like really rough and kept waking in my sleep with alot of very bad head tension which shows I was very anxious.

Initially the successes of yesterdays way of thinking helped me but today questions crept. Into my mind that acceptance won't work, I won't be able to do it, that acceptance would mean always feeling bad etc, even listening to Claire Weekes video again today made me feel even more anxious while listening to it and I feel very upset right now as I now have 5 days of work coming up with the Christmas doo at the end of it.

This started last night on my way home from work after feeling amazing all day even though I was accepting the fact I'd started to feel a bit bad again which had been stopping the build up of tension as she says it does, the tension DID still continue to build so I felt I guess that I'd lost my coping mechanism with how I felt and lost control again.

Any tips please to help me tonight before I return to work tomorrow? Unfortunately I'm completely back into. My old way of thinking today and couldn't find a way to relax even laying on my bed with my eyes closed couldn't stop getting more and more tense today.

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Hi Richy, this is very normal when first starting out in using acceptance as the key

to anxiety. Like anything else in life, it takes practice and belief in what you are doing.

Acceptance in Anxiety is so in bedded in me now that I don't doubt it for a minute.

That doesn't mean that anxiety doesn't give me a run for my money at times however,

it doesn't throw me off the deep end. I recognize it for what it is, a lie and nothing more.

I am very well in tune with my own body and it's thoughts. It's not hard for me to distinguish what is anxiety and what a real physical issue may be.

Never do I skip a day of meditation or acceptance. I am always one step in front of

anxiety. Should it arise, I automatically go into acceptance mode and start deep

breathing before anxiety even has a chance to send me a negative thought or doubt.

Keep working on this daily. Stress is always a little higher this time of year and what

better time to be in control of your emotions. You'll be okay Richy. :) x

Hi Richy,

Agora's words are wise.

This is normal. This is par for the recovery course. This will happen and do not think for a second, "Oh no, it's back, oh no, I thought I was doing better but I was wrong." That's anxiety talking and it's such a BLUFF. Once you have the hang of this even a little, you are on your way. Expect the difficult days/weeks. How can a sensitized nervous system perform nicely all day, every day? It can't- it needs time. Accept that you will have more trying days/weeks. Accept that some days will be good and some days will be difficult. Accept that all the negative thoughts you have about recovery are all anxiety talking and you can let it talk all it wants- but you believe and know differently. Believing and knowing differently are the key. Face, Accept, Float, Time... that will get you through. So many of us have been through it- the days where the tension builds even though we try to float and loosen. And lying in bed thinking that resting might help- only to have your whole body and mind feel so tight, tense, so sick. Oh the sensitized nerves! Yes, this is so normal on the road to recovery. Richy, I really think you've got it. Keep listening to Dr. Weekes- it all slowly but surely sinks in. It took me so many times listening and letting the concepts sink in, and so much practicing of acceptance, to finally understand it all and feel so at peace. You WILL get there :)

Hi, practice makes master 😀of course you can do it with Claire weeks...I know exactly how hard it can be sometimes. check this you tube channel, very very helpful. Good luck and don't give up.

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