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Intrusive thoughts - just seeking word of support

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I’ve written in the past about how earlier this year I started experiencing intrusive thoughts... getting brain lock on thoughts that randomly revolve around a person i know through work that just gives me negative vibes. My therapist thinks it’s a manifestation of OCD.

This began as far back as maybe March/April and I STILL have trouble with this. It’s worse when other aspects like work and dating add stress to my life. There were moments throughout the year when my stress was a bit lower and I could shrug them off to the point that I felt like they weren’t even hardly there. Lately they’ve come back with a vengeance and there’s that fear in my mind that I’ll never have a clear head again... that the peaceful place in my head will be colonized by thoughts of this person... needless to say this can be pretty miserable, exhausting, and just plain physically painful (I.e. bad headaches) I’m not looking for anyone to give me a solution. But if you feel you have experience with this and have “seen the light” from time to time, I’d be grateful for an encouraging word of piece of advice. If you suffer from something similar, and just want to gripe that’s welcome too 😛.



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Intrusive Thoughts ?* EVERYBODY Has Had Them At Some Time Or Another Even If They Don't Have An Anxiety Disorder. If They Say They Haven't They Lie. Everybody Gets Attacks Of "Intrusive Thoughts". Those Thoughts YOU Can't Believe Crossed Your Mind. The Ones You Would Never Tell Anyone You Had. EVERYTHING You Have Ever Experienced, Heard, & Seen Is "RECORDED" From The Very Day You Are Born. Your Mind Will "Recall". But YOUR Mind Will Put YOU In A Situational Thought. Why ? It's YOUR Mind. We Live In A World That's Good. But There Is The Flip Side Of That Coin Which Is Evil. Heck, You Watch Your Local News & You Are Filled With Horrific News Reports Of Murders, Abuses, Acts Of Insanity, & Much More. [ not counting scary movies, & stories that require your imagination to decipher situational conditions whether they be good or bad. ] Let's Say You're Out In A Public Place. You Didn't Sleep Well or/ You Are Having Some Anxiety Or Something Physical That Doesn't Feel Right. You Feel Kinda "Out Of Control" Because You Can't Just Make It Go Away. Then ? Here Comes An "Intrusive Thought". Fear Sets In Immediately. You're Like, "Where Did That Come From" ?* "How Could I Think Such A Thing" ?* Well ? "ALL THE ABOVE". If You Were Born In A Bubble World & Nobody Ever Told You, You Can Choke To Death On A Apple Seed ? It Would Never Cross Your Mind At All. The Fact That It Bothers You Is A Good Thing ! You Have A Conscious . I Hope This Helps In Some Way My Friend. Prayers For Ya~*

I have lived with this same thing for the past two years. I would give almost anything to be able to think about something else, but the person in my thoughts has brought such hurt and pain to me that I can’t get past it. I sympathize with you and wish someone could provide a means for us to not let these hurtful people have such control over our minds!

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