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Stomach Problems

So I’ve recently started a new job three weeks ago and it’s going pretty well but this is the first time ever I’ve worked 40 hour weeks. My stomach has started bothering me over the last two weeks ever since I started this job my GERD and IBS have been acting up majorly. Has anyone experienced they’re stomach acting up when they started a new job? It seems like I can only make my stomach calm down when I take Prilosec I’ve completely lost my appetite and with anxiety I have my head thinking it’s a whole bunch of bad stuff. Any Advice?

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Hi Adamj

I've been there were you are IBS alone is painful but to have herd too well that's a whole combination joined by nerves and anxiety too I started a new job and my stomachs been off for weeks and I have severe anxiety and ibs so it hurts badly...Try not to look into it but if you are worrying profusely then go and see a doctor to send you for test to put your mind at ease.

Hope this helps


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I don't have any advice, I suffer from the same issues :( I just wanted to let you know you're not alone, even though I'm late to this post. My stomach acts up anytime I'm really stressed out, doesn't have to be a new job. My boss is unhappy with me at my current job and I'm drowning in work so of course my stomach hurts all the time, I have diarrhea, and bad heartburn. I hope we both find a solution! Currently the best I can do is take Pepto bismol and meditate, neither of which seems to be a good enough remedy.

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