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Apocalyptic Nightmares

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I keep having apocalyptic nightmares of the world ending. I had a nightmare that I was at the beach with family, playing in ocean. Suddenly sky get dark, four firey horseman emerge from clouds, point at ocean, causing a flaming tornado that engulfs the Earth. Next I dreamed of a space shuttle crashing near my house causing a nuclear explosion, that wipes out everything. Then I dreamed of a massive earthquake that split the Earth in half. Between each nightmare I awake with rapid heart beat. It's so frightening, how do you have pleasant dreams?

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I’ve had dreams like that as well. I tend to have a lot of nightmares. Sometimes, my boyfriend tells me I wake him in the middle of the night shaking and crying and often I don’t even remember it. I definitely think anxiety can come out in our dreams.

I've had dreams like these. This might be a fear if yours. I often find that when I think if something alot I dream about it. You can't really control your dreams but maybe some meditating before you go to bed and maybe a nice warm bath can help. Perhaps some aroma therapy. If you watch anything violent or scary before bed you might want to cut that out.

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