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Panic Attacks in my sleep

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Two weeks post ER visit I am still suffering. I thought I was having heart attack. My pulse 153 a minute! Doctors gave me a clean bill of health. She said my heart was perfect and I was just dehydrated and had a panic attack. Two weeks later I am still fighting off constant anxiety. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a rapid heart beat. It wakes me up or it’s me checking and then getting a rapid heart rate. Whatever it is it’s so scary. I have been doing all the right thing. Eating right, resting, going to yoga, going to work, seeing friends, seeing a therapist, gave up coffee, drinking tons of water but still drinking alcohol, I read DARE but still the rapid heart persists which really keeps me in the anxiety loop. Anyone have this middle of the night panic attack? This is new for me and seemingly the worst I have ever been. Usually when the doctor tells me I am fine I click out of the loop. I am desperate for relief. Thank you.

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Yes for the last 6 heart rates goes to 140 during day too.. I always wake up with my heart racing. Just more joys of anxiety

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