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Freaking out over infection on one wisdom tooth. Anyone have this issue?

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So I went to the dentist And they said I had a small infection on the gum around my wisdom tooth. I will be getting it pulled out in January however that is not what is making me nervous.I am having so much anxiety over the dentist telling me I had an infection the word infection it just makes me cringe On top of all of this I have a cold and that is freaking me out as well.I automatically start thinking the absolute worst and I googled so I freaked myself out even more has anyone had an infection on or near there wisdom tooth?

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I've had an infection but not near the wisdom tooth. I remember the dentist prescribed me antibiotics first, once I finished the antibiotics they extracted the tooth. I stayed awake for the process but of course they numbed me up real good. It was a relief to have the tooth taken out and you heal up pretty quick. I also remember having cold like symptoms while on the antibiotics but I'm not sure if this is your case. Feel better and no worries.

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