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Has anyone else suffered symptoms of the head due to anxiety


I’ve been suffering with dizziness, ear ringing, white spots and head symptoms from anxiety, and although I was seen by the ENT doctor and had an MRI 3 years ago when these first arose to which they told me I was fine and found nothing, I can’t seem to shake the impending doom feeling this time around. It feels like it’s taking over my life sometimes.

I was suffering with chest pains earlier in the year and was told to go to a&e where they found nothing, so my symptoms seem to have switched back to the head pains and sensations. I’m petrified to go back to the doctors this time, and want to use last times results to reassure me, but that damn anxiety devil on my shoulder won’t let me. Im trying hypnotherapy at the moment, and it has helped, but knowing others have these symptoms would really help me out!

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Hi catcat.

Anxiety can cause lots of different symptoms. I recall something similar to what your saying some time ago...,and as you say you had it before and got checked out so it sounds like it to me..

You need to reassure yourself by having a check over ..we have a nurse at our surgery who will do some health checks take blood pressure etc. Anything similar you could go to and get reassured? We’re you could mention how you been feeling..don’t suffer with the anxiety for days/ weeks, get yourself reassured ...I know that’s not easy to do but once done at least peace of mind can be allowed..

Good wishes to you ...🌺🌺🌺

I get ringing in ears

When I'm anxious I feel dizzy and light headed, ringing in the ears and pressure in my head like my ears need to pop, some chest pain, and I feel heavy and off balance. These are all just physical symptoms of anxiety. And these feelings make me more anxious, which increases the physical symptoms, and on and on!

When I successfully apply my acceptance and floating techniques, the symptoms decrease.

I hope your hypnotherapy goes well!

Catcat1609 in reply to teemo1

Thank you, this is really reassuring to know! Although I hate that you have to suffer in the same way.

Thanks, I hope The hypnotherapy helps too!

Ffightereng3 in reply to teemo1

I get the same exact symptoms. Such an awful feeling.

I am sorry you are facing this, have you reached out to a counselor? I have struggled at times in my life with symptoms similar to what you are experiencing. I found consulting a trusted counselor, friends, family and my church helped me greatly. If you need any resources I'd be happy to share those with you just ask! When my anxiety levels were high it helped to ground myself, focus on one thing I could see, one thing I could hear, one thing I could smell. I am sending prayers your way me friend.

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