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Ive not posted for a while because ive been doing just fine with anxiety etc

However this past week has been horrible, i cant seem to shift it. I dont feel connected to me if that makes sense and im just a loose end and feel like i am stuck in a rut. Ive not been able to go to work, im just struggling so much right now and i dont know what to do. Any ideas are appreciated thanks x

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I'm going threw exact same at moment I try relaxation with apps on my phone feel it helps a bit

Charl- in reply to Daisycup

Thank you ill have a look at what i can download. Hope youre okay too x

Hiya, if you wanted a good relaxing App try 'Deep relaxation with Andrew Johnson' I've used it for a few weeks when having trouble sleeping and it helps a lot. The app is available on the Play store and Apple. Best wishes and I hope you can keep well. 🙏

I have found that music has been the key to getting me out of some mental rutts, or at leas to keeping me from digging myself a deeper one. Find some upbeat music you like and just let go, sing, dance, do yoga, go for a run, doesn’t matter what you do or if you’re any good just move to the music.

Hi, I'm sorry your anxiety's returned. Did something happen that triggered it? What's going through your mind right now? When I get anxious, I find those are moments I need inspiration whether through music, book or even a movie. I try to find something that offers more than just a distraction from my fears, something that will help me put things in perspective. I think though, that regular journaling helps me most because I am able to put down what I think and feel. It helps me to see what is really in my heart that's making me fearful and anxious.

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