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Jitters part 2


Morning everyone! Yesterday morning (when i awoke) I let my intrusive thoughts get the best of me and got the jitters. It had been quite a long while (over a year) since that has happened. Managed to ease myself out of it and go on with the rest of my day.

Guess what my subconscious mind so gratefully decided to remind me of this morning? My jitters from yesterday. Awesome! Got the jitters again this morning upon waking up. Heart pounding, shakes, pins and needles in my arms.

It's amazing how the human mind works. How complex and fascinating it can be. How thoughts can be so powerful to induce such distressing physical symptoms. Anxiety is like a mental super power except you're using these powers against yourself.

With enough practice i may be able to use these awesome mental powers that induce such discomforting symptoms to eventually levitate objects (sarcasm). I guess anything is possible if you put your mind to it right?

Anxiety likes to take turns with it's triggers and always comes in phases. It's up to us to stay strong and not allow ourselves to over react when we have these moments. This acceptance and allowing it to be teaches/reprograms the brain into thinking the situation is a non threat. Eventually desensitizing the brain the that particular event.

The key is to allow it to be, accept, and control your behavior (behave unanxiously/don't overreact) towards these moments. It'll pass and guess what? You'll go about your day. It truly takes practice.

Just felt the need to share my morning thoughts. Hope everyone has a blessed good day and Thanksgiving. Stay strong and don't let anxiety win!

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It’s been a couple of days since I’ve woken up with a extremely high heart rate.. I talked about it on this forum yesterday and GUESS WHAT... I woke up like that today. :( I’m still struggling and super anxious right now. You are so right.. it does come in phases and it’s sucks. I get my hopes up that it’s gone and then bam! It comes back in full force.

You are now on the path to overcoming highly inappropriate levels of anxiety.

Levitation is slightly harder but my wife us good at it. If i do something wrong, she hits the bloody roof...

RobynC in reply to Beevee

Lmao awww 😆

Aw yeah I’m a big believer in the mind body connection and the mind always fascinated me . I’ve had intrusive thoughts since I was very young . Your story is actually similar to mine . I had my first panic attack 3 years ago due to a mix of drugs and it was def traumatic but even tho I’m fine now and don’t think about it anymore , my body just gets anxious so easily ever since then . It’s as if the panic attack did something to my brain chemistry or something lol I think you’ll def eventually get the hang of it where it doesn’t control you anymore

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