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Back Again


I haven’t written on here in years, but the health anxiety is back again, not that it ever really left. I feel like my nerves are on fire and I’ve been having lower abdominal pain. The pain was so bad last week I went to the ER and had a CT Scan. The abdominal pain has been so bad that my anxiety attacks have returned. It had been a couple of years since I had one and now I’m back to having them every couple of days. Predominantly while I’m driving of course. Doctors continue to say health anxiety and I continue to challenge them on it. How could anxiety make me feel lightheaded, tense, shaky, short of breath and have stomach discomfort 24/7? Every morning I wake up tense, with a headache and stiffness. By the time I make it work, the headache resolved itself only to start getting shaky and anxious. By the time the day is done, I’m lightheaded, shaky and my breathing is a mess. Every couple of days I’ll get a break for a few minutes where I’ll feel almost human. Otherwise it’s 24/7 going on a decade. Some days it’s amazing I can keep this all up. Good to write about it sometimes to let out the frustration. Best of luck to my fellow sufferers. I would trade everything to feel normal again. Cheers, GADGUY

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the anxiety journey is sometimes 1 step forward 2 steps back.

SO know that this is part of the experience.

It is my experience that when my anxiety is high because of something that is a problem for me, I get every one of those symptoms, and most, are SEEMINGLY out of the blue.......

they never are, out of the blue, actually, because my thoughts and beliefs triggered the adrenaline drop and off I go..........

Hi! Please check out Nicole Sachs podcasts/YouTube videos. She is continuing Dr. John Sarno’s work. Please watch Dr. Sarno’s videos (60 minutes episode). It’s absolutely incredible what our minds can do. But if our minds can cause these aweful physical crippling symptoms - wouldn’t it be plausible that the reverse could be true? I myself am on a journey and am learning trying to figure things out...Dr. Joe Dispenza - watch his videos. I realize that this seems like homework - but you may find these resources if not helpful than at least interesting. Good luck, I wish you well. This is a difficult one to beat but I know we can.

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