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Waste of money


So many health concerns now. Think I may have piles as my area is so itchy and hurts sometimes too. Also I have been spitting blood when I suck my teeth I can taste it. I have a wisdom tooth breaking through so I hope it is just that. Then there is the heart. The good old heart. My best friend. Getting the feeling of skipped beats in chest it like takes breathe away that scares the life out of me. Then my dizziness. I think it’s that? My head throbs then I get throbbing in my legs at the same time and I feel like I’m on a boat. Going to a 60£ councelling session. What’s the point? I need a doctor. Surely anxiety can’t do all of this!

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It can. It's also fantastic at turning mole hills into mountains, dramas into crises. If your doctor has already told you nothing is wrong then perhaps it isnt a doctor you need to see.

What you really need is to learn to put all of those symptoms that scare you into the same boat and call it Anxiety. As the Captain of that ship, plot a course that will take you to Acceptance and set your autopilot. There will be storms along the way but let them toss and blow your ship around and go with the current. The more storms you pass through, the more adept you become at sailing through them until you stop worrying about them and just let them pass without trying to navigate your way around or avoid them. To reach calm waters and your destination, you have to pass through the storm and through to the other side, accepting all that jostles your ship. In time, you will reach your destinstion and forever sail in calmer waters.

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