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My brother was diagnosed with cancer two days before my daughters birthday party. We had everything planned and it affected me a lot because I was not able to be happy during my daughters birthday and her party got cancelled. My life changed completely since my brother is my best friend the one I would cry to all my problems and now he is going through strong chemo. I want to be there for him but i have so much anxiety.

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hi im really sorry to hear that I hope your brother fights like a lion and overcomes his illness.anyone posting about it will get my attention.rallying around your brother is important as you know anyway but it hopefully will inspire him to do all he sorry about your daughters birthday being cancelled but do you know what give her another one next week or the week after who says it has to be on that long as your brother is well then make it a bigger and better one than the cancelled one.take care and have that party.

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good advice

Thank you so much for your advice.

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