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if you read my first post that posted here a little while ago you’d understand but I’ve been getting better I think. I haven’t been waking up shaking in the middle of the night anymore but I still have this tightness feeling in

My throat and I have trouble swallowing at times and a constant feeling that I have to swallow my saliva and all day today I have this feeling in the back of my neck/upper back like if it’s vibrating not shaking also like little cold chills. 😞 and I get little brain throbs all over my head mostly the sides every now and then .. I haven’t been sleeping tho waking up at least 3 times a night is there anything that can help with sleep? That has worked for you guys

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Hi David, I remember having all the same symptoms you did during the night. It wasn't until I let go of the fear that these signs disappeared one by one. I used relaxation tapes at the time. Listening to them over and over providing me with a relaxed mind and body before finally falling asleep and staying asleep.

It's difficult to just jump into bed and think that the events of the day are somehow going to magically disappear when we sleep. Remember that the subconscious mind is always on alert throughout the night. Protecting us from harm, however it can't distinguish right

from wrong and so literally wakes us up to tell us something is wrong when it's not.

By relaxing/meditating/deep breathing before sleep, we assure our mind that everything is okay. And should we wake up during the night, we can roll over and go back to sleep reassuring ourselves that we are safe, we are okay. :)

Hi David,

I've recently begun to experience trouble with sleeping through the night. I wake up after a few hours, but don't really feel that I fall back into a deep sleep. More like a napping sleep. I am getting better, but like Agora said, meditation is a big help. And specifically meditations that encourage sleep and "letting go" of stress, tension, etc.

It was hard for me to discipline myself at first to do this, but after doing it frequently I am seeing some improvement.

My psychiatrist prescribed a sleep aid, but I'd rather try this route first...and give it a chance.

Peace to you.


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