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Hi again


Hi I'm back again, and the best thing I know to do is to copy and paste the message I sent my boyfriend.

"I'm getting anxious because around this time last year is when it got really bad, and I know I've come a really long way from then but it's just weighing my brain and it's messing my with my head, and I just want to sleep so bad. I don't want it to come back I want to be normal and just live normal. And I'm starting to get sick to my stomach because of it again, I just feel like I'm in d constant cell. And I try really hard to get out but as soon as I get my key in and twist it it gets slapped out of my hand and it's all over again. And I'm just so tired. I was getting better and I just have to keep starting over. I literally have no more energy in my body and I'm afraid of everything. It's just like a constant replay, alone in my room again, not talking to anyone, I hate it so much I can't even begin to explain it's like ptsd or something I hate this"

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Wow soo sorry you’re going through this I feel for you & you’re not alone!!💞🌸🌼i came here with some similar feelings it does help to post and wrote here to sort out thoughts and feelings and also get some caring feedback and understanding!

I am sorry you are going through this! Have you thought about seeking professional help? That may help get to the root of your problem and may help find the best way to help you. I really hope everything gets better.

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