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Anxiety or something else😔

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My anxiety is out of the way its affecting my life thinking ive got some deadly disease after having a flu then some rectal bleeding i cant enjoy my life im worried to death i get anxiety attacks at times its taking over my life went to doctor had an infection but u think hes not listening to me all i do is search Google all day and cry

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I noticed no one responded yet but I wanted to say I know what you mean totally. Ive been going through this for about 3 years and it seems to get worse every time I go through these cycles. It has completely robbed me of my peace of mind. Its debilitating and a very scary journey. Im constantly thinking Ive got a deadly illness too or thinking Im gonna die. And just realised again that I want to stop using that word because it scares me even more but it is how I feel though. I also experience rectal bleeding from times of being constipated, or stomach issues. And it worries so bad.

We’ve all been there. The first step is to stop googling everything. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms and do what they suggest. Googling is notorious for only giving worst case scenarios.

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