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Having a lot of trouble calming down. Tonight I ate like two slices of pizza and immediately got super bloated, I felt so full that I started having chest pain along with other anxiety symptoms. I know it's me over thinking but it got the best of me tonight. I try deep breathing but that only helps so much. Back muscles are super tensed so it makes it even worse. I really hope I'm not the only that gets this

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You’ll be ok just slow your breathing down. It sounds like gas / indigestion try laying on you stomach and for a few min then lay on you left side. It will alleviate the symptoms

I get the worst feelings when I eat pizza and late night. Between acid reflux, it’s, the list continues. Just if you know specific food hurts, avoid them!!!

Wow, so did I. I ate exactly two slices of pizza last night and by the time I got to bed, I woke up with anxiety too.

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