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B12 318,doctor says it's ok??


Hi everyone my mum is 74 her results: tsh:2,78 (levothyroxine 100) ferritin 13, VIT D3:58.0, b12:318,she's taking 1000mg of b12 supplements,also d3 supplements,she also is diabetic even though she takes drugs for diabetes sometimes glicemia in the morning goes higher than 8,also high cholesterol and triglyceride also using drugs for that,foot neuropathy aches,and edema on the legs,any advice plesae??

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How about putting this question on the Thyroid forum here on Healthunlocked and perhaps 1 or 2 other forums on the community list here on Healthunlocked. The D3 will I should imagine be for bone health reasons. The Levo for thyroid reasons,. and there is a Diabetic forum also I think

ask about B12 on the PASoc forum


there are a number of diabetic forums



and others

The symptoms you mention could be explained by complications of diabetes not being well controlled.

If she is taking metformin that can interfere with B12 absorption but you will only really know if this is happening - using serum B12 - if you see a significant drop in levels >20% over time.

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