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Going to freakin miss my little girl

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Hello everyone. I’m at my daughters grandparents house right now as I type this. I’m driving my little girl, her mom, stepfather, and little brother to the airport. They’re going away for 14 days. My daughters never been away that long from me ever since she was born. Ever since becoming disabled with severe depression, I spend a lot of time with her. Ive got lots on my plate. I’m waiting to see a judge for my Social Security hearing sometime at the end of this year. The waiting part can be stressful in itself. I have all my Drs helping me which is a huge blessing. I know I can repeat myself in these posts, but like I said before my depression started when I got seperated from my ex wife, and I had become a dad. My daughter was barely 2 when we got seperated. Then my dad who I was really close to got really sick and passed on shortly thereafter. I’m going try and take good care of myself of course. My psychotherapist wants me to definitely do things to help myself. I’m going to go to a depression support group this Thursday evening I think it’s a good idea. Anyways I just needed to kinda vent a bit. Blessings to all in here. Samson.

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Samson, I know these next 2 weeks will be very difficult for you. You will get through it. Come to this group as often as you need to. We're here to listen and to comfort. I'm glad you will be going to a Depression Support Group this Thursday. Open your heart and your ears to others hurting like you are. You will not feel so alone.

We care about each other on this site. Make this your "go to" anytime 24/7, someone is always here to listen and help. Take care x

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Thank you soooooo much. You’ve always been so supportive. Samson

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