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Wow, fast heart rate!


Hi all!

How are you?

Coming on here today to tell you about the fast heart rate I just experienced.

It happen after I came upstairs, checking on my niece. She's an angel. Then all of a sudden, my heart start beating hard and fast. I had to go in my room to calm myself down cause' I was afraid that I was going to pass out.

It scared me to where I thought I was about to die. I start praying then took deep breaths. It was still beating hard and I didn't want to worry so I continue to deep breath until it calms down. Finally my heart rate is back to normal but I don't want it to happen again. 😖

I think from me drinking tea or it's too hot in my house (lol) cause it. I need to check myself in the hospital before it happens again, I pray that I don't have an heart disease or worse.


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You had a panic attack. They are aweful. I have had plenty. They take over. I HAVE been to the hospital for them. Ughhhh so not fair. The doctors told me that a panic attacs mimic a heart attack. For real. A panic attack can cause chest pain, fast heart rate and just God aweful anxiety/ paranoia. You are not dying. I almost did just last year. I unfortunately had liver and kidney failure do to too much drinking. Anxiety almost won.F that. I had less than a five percent chance. I was in the hospital for like five months. Now I just take supplements (vitamins). No more xanax. Have you ever tried CBD oil? Google it. Does wonders for anxiety. Give it some time. It helps. You should put on your gym shoes. Go for a 30 minute walk listening to your favorite music. Music is seriously the best anxiety repellent. When you get home make something healthy and drink a ton of water. Do it now. I hope this helps you. Remember to breathe girl. You can do this. Make this change and go for a walk. You will sleep better because of it. Come on. DO THIS. You are worth 30 minutes. Did you know that walking regularly lowers your risk for stroke and heart disease significantly. You've got this. When you are making something to eat put on your favorite tunes and DANCE IT OUT. It's healthy and your body will thank you in the long run. Good luck girl. Ginger

Thanks for the amazing advice, Ginger! I will try and yes panic attacks are awful. It scared the crap out of me. Thought it was going to be the end of my life but thank God that I am ok, still feel crappy. I forgot to mention that before the panic attack I felt strange. When I had walk down the stairs, it felt like I was about to collapse. I kept walking until I had got to the family room, that's where my niece was at. She was asleep and I thought she was awake so I can get her. Since she wasn't, I turn around and head back to my room which was upstairs. Still the collapse feeling. I had to get to my room before it happens. As soon as I entered, I took a seat and felt myself getting dizzy then my heart starts to pound and beat fast. I'm not going to tell the whole story cause I already did in my post lol. Well this is the half I didn't write in there. 😂

I should really cut caffeine off in my diet. As much as I love it, I have to because I don't want to go through that episode again. I had to drink so much water to flush it out of my system, no wonder why I am so paranoid. Geez. But I would most definitely be trying to do that. Thank you again and I pray that you will get through this love. You are a warrior!

Lots of love, Deanna.

Awwww thanks girl. Seriously I have been dizzy rapid heartbeat and on the verge of falling over due to straight up panic. It is terrible. I cant even deal if this ever happens again. I will never forget the feeling of uncertainty. The doctors told me that a panic attack can even bring a grown 300 lb male to his knees. Wtf? Seriously? You will spin and almost black out. During a panic attack your bp goes up. Way up. When that happens your mind and body will play all sorts of nasty pranks on you. You think you are dying and no one can tell you any different. I had cat scans and mri's all because of panic attacks. Thats a pain in the A. It doesn't hurt to get checked out to make sure (Im sure that is all you hear right now and probably won't believe it until you do) but even when I got all those tests I STILL was not convinced. It's a vicious cycle. Life is SO short. Remember to breath. Remember you are BREATHING. THAT MEANS YOU ARE LIVING. I almost had to stop. I really hope you are out walking. Put on some shades (no eye contact) and walk it out. I believe in you.

I thought of something else. So you know how we are like the best thinkers (ever). We over think everything. Try using your nervous energy and make something. What are you good at? Think about this. Seriously. Etsy is my favorite webste (ever) and I think you can post things (anything) and sell them. Make a store. I think they only make like 20 cents on every item that you sell. Most people do not even have an actual store. They sell stuff from their home. Lots of people have glorified garage sales. Crazy huh? Vintage lamps and all kinds of arts and crafts. They sell everything. I have my eye on some art and some vintage hot plates that match a set that belonged to my Grandmother. Lame I know but you can find and sell anything. This girl in Atlanta makes some silk lined headbands that I plan on buying. Seriously its great and you could use your energy to do something posotive. It doesn't have to be that. Go make a million bucks with that energy. One more thing. I found these drinks called Neuro Sleep. Sleep is soooo important. They help and there are a ton of Youtube videos reviewing them. I drink those and take unisom. It helps a ton. Hope this helps. You probably think I am insane. I appreciated what ya said.❤Ginger

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