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Rough day


I had a HUGH argument, my daughter who lives with me. It's something that has been building up, she's been taking me for granted. She's Never help me in any way, doesn't even clean up after herself. The final straw was tonight when I ask if she can pick up my medication, she said she had a couple of birthday parties to go-to. I told the pharmacy doesn't close till 9. She said I don't know how long the party's going to last? So I said get it before you go to the party. With an attitude saying that she Now would have to leave early, she'd have to rearrange her day for this??? This would take only about 10 minutes. I'm hurt by this. She said I was acting like a kid, I was feeling hurt telling myself I raised a selfish, spoiled brat. This has bought up anxiety and not sleeping cause I'm So STRESSED OUT.

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How old is your daughter? If she is a teenager, this is probably normal behavior for that age group. If she is older, you should take steps to stop this behavior - maybe a long talk for starters so that she understands how her behavior makes you feel.

Your situation must have changed a bit I hope and for the better. Some would say it takes two to have an argument. One person cannot argue on their own! So if you stop she can continue and you can block your ears or go somewhere else. The difference is the same. The other one I know people use to change the situation completely, especially with a child of whatever age, don't listen carefully and without a negative look or statement but use an odd 'hmm' and a vague nod or 'questioning look' she will stop. The best one is 'yes, perhaps you are right'. No criticism, no complaints, no nothing. 'Thank you for telling me' is the most effective. You have actually not agreed, nor argued or said they were right or that you were wrong. You have just don't what most of us do with small (and very big) children, we let them say what they need to the best way they can and then move on. You I can assure you will find that things will change. Next she will be asking your opinion and will feel happy because you listened. You will find that the argument you had will probably no longer be an argument and that you may be able to discuss and come to conclusions. Don't copy our children we are adults and we should know better. However do not put up with abuse and yes, always get the police. That is your job.

Thanks for your opinion, it's not gotten anywhere near having to call the police, no threats have ever been made, it's just my daughter acting like alot of young adults do spoiled and entitled. I will be moving next year, she needs to learn to be independent, I could die who knows when and she'd have to figure it out anyway. So she can get use to a different way to live.

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