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Felt like I couldn't breathe


Today I had an appointment with a psychologist to talk about my anxiety.

It went really well, and I managed to go there without relying on the diazepam.

I felt really good after, but a few hours after I had got home, I had a pounding headache, then when I got up, my heart raced and I felt like i couldn't breathe for a second.

I've never experienced this before, I've had the racing heart and headaches and dizziness, but never felt like couldn't breathe.

It was really scary.

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Wow that sounds like my exact day yesterday! Your not alone the feeling of breathlessness is absolutely terrifying and it really gets you shook up . I believe it’s all linked to the stress and anxiety it’s such a spiral because the more you worry about it the more it happens so just try and think to yourself if it was serious I wouldn’t be here . Hope it doesn’t happen again I know how horrible it is ☹️

You felt like you couldn't breathe. But you did breathe. Anxiety does not have the power to stop you breathing. It was a momentary glitch in your nervous system. Do not worry about it, it will do you no harm.

As you are seeing a psychologist you must have been told your symptoms are anxiety and not due to physical illness.

Sensitised nerves are good at mimicking the symptoms of real illness, do not be fooled by them. Once your anxiety disorder is resolved all these troublesome symptoms will disappear.

You have nothing to fear. You are in no danger. You will recover your former peace of mind in due course.

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