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Found a dead insect in my eye. Worried about eye infection.


I was outside yesterday walking around and something dropped right into the the corner of my left eye. To me at that moment I thought it was a bit of water but was quite confused as to where the water was coming from as it did not rain.

I quickly went home washed my hands then quickly washed my eye with water and felt everything was ok.

I woke up today and was fine. Both my eyes felt fine as I was quite unsure of what went into my eye yesterday. My eyes didn't have any gunk in it but my left eye just felt a bit weird.

I quickly took to the mirror and opened my eyes wide so I could see he bottom and top that is normally covered over with skin and saw something at the bottom of my eye. I quickly moved it up so that it could come to the surface. I went to get some tissue then I lost it to the back of my eye.

I quickly forced myself to cry then felt something in the corner then rushed to get some tissue to clean it out.

When I did I was actually repulsed at what I saw and it was a dead insect. That had probably been sitting in my eye for over 15 hours.

I feel to go to the doctors but I'm not sure.

This is causing me so much anxiety cause the idea of a decaying insect in my eye is just making me think I am going to get a huge horrible eye infection which I always try to avoid by washing my hands thoroughly before i touch them.

The odds of an insect falling into my eye has just irritated me even more lol. Should I be freaking out? My eye feels fine. Just a bit irritated by how much I moved it about and opened it.

Should I see a doctor?

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The natural tears in your eyes contain a powerful natural antiseptic called, I think, Lysinge. So the chances of the insect infecting your eye are very small. So do not worry and there is no need to stress yourself over this.

In the very unlikely event that an eye infection does occur go to a pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist who will recommend some antibacterial drops or cream which will quickly heal the problem.

I had a fly enter my eye a few weeks ago, it's happening to people all the time, you are worrying unnecessarily I assure you.

Misg in reply to Jeff1943

Hello, thank you. I freaked out for a bit then I calmed down my eye is absolutely fine. I can over worry at times but I'm good. Thank you for the info that's also helped!

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