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It gets better (Update)


Hey everyone i posted on this page about 2 years ago, im 18 now and getting better. Just wanted to make a post for everyone who suffers with anxiety and want to let them know it gets better! 2 years ago i couldn't leave my room now i go out with my friends and family etc. Im still not 100% but im getting there and so will you! you have your bad days but everyone does, but you got to remember anxiety doesn't go over night but one day you will be there and you have to push yourself even if its just small things and it might seem hard but i did it and so can you.

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Macs123, a Big Thank You for the positive post. You may not realize how many people you will reach by sharing your experience in the last 2 years. Two years may seem like a long time to struggle with an issue but it's nothing compared to a lifetime of enjoyment once again.

Congratulations on moving forward. I wish you well. :) xx


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