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bad anxiety and thoughts


hi all a have been struggling bad with anxiety and my thoughts that am belive them now a have a fear that am going to die and it scares me a also have symptoms like

brain fog

heavy eyes



scared off every thing


scared to sleep in case a die

fell spaced out

a get ma self worked up that a think its true any tips waiten to try cbt not taking meds as bad side affects off them is this all anxiety

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You are not going to die. Lie in your back and just breathe. This too will pass. Xxxx

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Maggiecass1988, every day we have new people here saying they have a feeling they're going to die. Yet not one of them ever does and you aren't going to be the first. Anxiety is whispering false words in your ear and you, in your state of bewilderment, believe them. So what's happening?

Everybody has a natural concern not to die before their life cycle is complete. But your nervous system has become super sensitive and magnifies that concern one-hundred fold into the fear that death is surely imminant. That's one of the tricks anxiety plays on us, exaggerating every small concern, worry and problem into a major crisis. So you will not die but you will live to enjoy the good things in life waiting to enrich your life again once you have achieved recovery.

First, have you spoken to your doctor about the way you feel: the anxiety, the palpitations, the strange feelings? If not you should, there's just a small chance all this is caused by thyroid problems, a symptom of which is anxious feelings. It's unlikely but a simple blood test will tell you, you do need your doctor to confirm it really is anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder occurs when our nervous system becomes overloaded with stress, worry, grief, disappointment, toxic relationships. When it can't take any more your nerves rebel and become highly sensitive. In this state they start to play up, before long we begin to experience all the symptoms you list above. But they are not symptoms of ill health, not bad physical health. They are fake symptoms that cannot hurt or harm you permanently even though they make you feel uncomfortable and generate fear.

Fear is what keeps your nervous system over sensitised, stress and fear hormones are released that maintain your nerves in that sensitive state. If only you could overcome the fear and the fear of fear your nerves would recover in time.

So instead of reacting to that list of symptoms with fear, accept them for the moment. Agree to coexist with them for the time being, they are after all fake symptoms. When you have practiced accepting them calmly and with the minimum of fear your nerves will repair themselves and in time you will recover fully and regain your peace of mind and enjoyment of life.

And all you have to do is stop stressing and obsessing about a bunch of fake symptoms and accept them instead for the moment.

Now you know what's happening you have understanding and bewilderment is banished. You have the reassurance that you've many years of life in front of you. And you have a road to recovery based on acceptance, you no longer have to fight every strange feeling that anxiety sends your way. I wish you all speed on that road to recovery and reclaiming your life.

thank u very mutch for your reply yes docs have confirmedbits 100% anxiety n am not going to die it freaks me out because some times its so strong that a think am just qbout to die

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