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Everymorning I wake up with impending doom feeling I'm going to die.... I can be all relaxed them BOOM. Heart will heard in ears then I go all warm inside and all tingly on outside.... What scares me the most is hearing thud thud thud in ears and feeling like I've just missed a step thus is everyday it's got to point where I'm to scared to do anything or enjoy doing what I used to do... I can't look ahead cos I fear I won't be here.... I've had all test etc it's just one min I can be relaxed the next boom.

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Maybe you could plan things to do in the mornings and go do them instead of lying thinking about doom.

Get your brain into the habit of thinking about other things.

Hope you’re feeling a little better today. Life will end but you are here right now. Take the day by the balls and refuse to let anxiety keep you down.

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