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mood to low for open mind telephone assessment??


after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety my gp referred me tp open mind ( the mental health charity) waited weeks for a telephone assessment hopefull they would help me, today i had one! was doing ok until they asked me on a scale of 1-10 how suicial i was! was feeling about a 5 or 6 today!! i have good and bad ones! and all of a sudden it was game over and i need to see my gp, stress or what after waiting all day my gp sais witb a smirk ohh they have to make you see us to wash there hands of you, your fine go to a & e if your feeling worse! dont know my next move! just need help!

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Have you been to Turning Points open mind? They also have a TP right steps also. I'm afraid this is often the road they take once suicide is above a certain number and yes it's frustrating. By sending you to a+e you often get to see someone on the psych team quickly...and if you are suicidal it can often mean being admitted onto the psychiatric ward. They only have so many resources I'm afraid and can help you to a point with anxiety and depression BUT, always a but isn't there!! Once suicide is a higher factor than they are experienced to assist with(so say it was a 1/2) they may be able to talk to the patient about it. Bcas it was higher the urgency is there to get you seen by someone who can help you. Had they not done that....and something happened, they wouldn't have done the right thing. So yes, its alot of messing around but it's for your safety. Now I think you should explain it was a bad day and you do have days where it's varying and hopefully they can then talk to you about how to deal with those days. I don't like what the gp said to you. In fact shame on him. I know Right Steps here have helped thousands of people. I do also realise it looks like they palmed you off back to the gp...please don't think this was the case(even tho the naughty gp smirked!!). They had to do that bcas with suicide...they need you to someone who can help you help you. If that makes sense. Your next move would be to call them. Tell them what your gp said and ask if it's possible to be seen again as now you know if you are thinking of know what to do. It doesn't stop them from seeing you again. I'm sorry you are being told to go here there and everywhere. It's not good when you have already taken the massive step to see someone in the first place...and well done for that it's not easy. If you have any probs from here on....let me know and I'll think of what else you can do. Take care. Janie

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