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Mood swings

Recently I’ve been having really bad mood swings where everything is awful and I feel extremely depressed. And then I’ll have a few days where I feel on top of the world and nothing can go wrong and in a weird way I feel hyper. I was researching into things and I am concerned I might be bipolar. I can’t determine whether the feelings of happiness are just caused by depression and feeling so low that when everything’s ‘ok’ I feel extremely good about it. Is anybody on here bipolar? I am seeing my doctor next week to discuss things

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Some days are better than others, this doesn't mean you are bipolar. If you really are concerned I would get help ahead of time..Try going to a therapist if you don't already


probing, delving and analyzing should only be handled by a health professional


i go through the same thing some days are better than some i guess ive heard that fish oils are good for mood


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