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Straight panic mode right now


So I do not usually post during a panic mode freakout but I was just sound asleep as I was very tired took my 20mg dose of CBD never had an issue before and I took mine around 7:00pm ny time and I got home Ready for bed and I woke from a dream not sure what really happened in the dream but I felt as if I took a drug once I awokened everything felt weird my left eye vision was a little weird feeling and it felt like I slept on it too long so the sensation was comkng back or something but we all lnow what anxiet does :) it made it seem way worse than what it really was

I think i looked at the time and thats when it hit me PURE PANIC MODE and i have never felt this panic mode for a little bit of time now and so it brough sheer terror to myself but I remembered if it didnt stop on its own I had kolonopin I could take that will help me within 1 hour but as soon as I remembered this my body kinda started realizing it was all okay

Though I still have anxirty right now its no where near PANIC MODE but now I cant sleep and im tired because I fear itll happen again -_-

My stress levels were a bit high today and my sleep schedule is fucked as I have 5 hrs everyday lol sometimes less Gotta pay those bills ya feel?

Idk what dream was so powerful that caused me to wake up and just fear for my life lol

I felt like I was day 1 of my anxiety wherr ai ran to my parents room in sheer terror telling them everything that I did lol brought me bak to my bad trip on weed i ran into there room FRANTIC threw my weed at them and said DESTROY THIS DEVILS DOING

Lmao!! This helped even though im not probably gonna pass out but it shed light on my anxiety briefly

Any ideas on what may have cauzed my night terror i know dreams can sometimes do that but what else could be the trigger? (I have been using cbd for a good week now) so i dont think its cbd but who knows lol

EDIT: just tried laying down I feel rather hungry a little and also dizzy.. my lips are dry I did drink water I did work out and bike today I also had a little bit of lasagna today too for dinner so maybe jm dehyrdated and hungry? Or maybe this is the anxiety although i never usually get dizzy spells from my anxiety?

Maybe im coming down with a cold? Ugh!

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