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Panicking about ticks


If anyone knows about ticks, please give me some info. I went to help my friends with a video shoot in Topanga canyon, which is the mountains. My frirnds got lost and the park rangers came. After we were at our cars, the ranger said to check for ticks, ive been freaking out ever since. I had my mom check me but not really my hair but she couldn’t find anything but I feel she really didnt look. I showered and when i was at the video shoot, i was wearing a shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, leggings, high socks, and vans because i was cold. But bc im terrified of being sick and hate bugs, i feel itchy all over and feel things moving on me and my scalp. How likely is it for me to have ticks? And how many can get on me? Is it like lice or fleas where it’s a lot? I’ve been hiking before and never had a tick problem but I never really thought about it.

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