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Another health concern

Sorry I know I must be annoying everyone but I'm scared That I might have lung cancer. For like 4 years now I have this deep cough, I never have to cough I don't cough but when I cough purposely it's like really deep and I feel it. when I do excersise I can feel it in my chest . I had an X-ray on my lungs like 2 years ago and it was clear I was wondering if I have lung cancer would it have shown up on the X-ray or does only MRI show cancer if I had it ? This has been making me worried and depressed

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Btw I'm 19 male and appreciate any support


Ask your doctor. It can also be allergies. It is probably not serious given your age, but always good to check, especially if you are worried.


Nobody has lung cancer for 4 years. You would know all about it long before now. An x-ray is 99% certain of spotting lung cancer, don't bother about the other 1%, it's not you. An MRI is 100% certain but expensive.

It's not even as if you have a spontaneous cough. By all means see your doctor again and tell him or her your fears for reassurance. But on the basis of what you've written here you don't have lung cancer. I'll say that again, you don't have lung cancer.

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Thanks Jeff


You smoke? Do you suffer from post nasal drip or maybe acid reflux? They can be the culprit. Me too suffer from chronic cough thats been for years. I remember they did me a chest x ray and the lungs were good. I smoke, suffer from acid reflux and post nasal drip imagine this whole combination.


No I don't smoke , what test do I need done for post nasal drip and acid reflux ? What will I ask the doctor and is this Post nasal drip and acid reflux life threatening ?


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