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How to live with Anxiety?

Hi everyone, I've been reading that some of you have said you've learned to live with anxiety? How do you do that? It sometimes Hurts so BAD and feels Never Ending? Today I've been getting a pain in my neck that went into my Head. I'm really trying to get it under control for the sake of my health. Web MD had an article of what health issues can result from depression n anxiety. Kind of don't care because it's sometimes so unbarable that I think if something happens it happens? This has been going on off and on for about 35 years. Meds and therapy have not helped. What else can I do? Done the breathing, excercise, meditation, eating right, distracting myself.

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I have experienced anxiety, depression, severe stress in the past.

35 years is a very long time to live like that.

Medication and therapy are all 'outside in ' ways to try to overcome mental health issues.

Learning about the nature of thought and the real 'inside out' human experience will deal with any problems


Thanks for writing, I've been suffering for about 36 years. The thing that I have not mentioned is that I'm Always second guessing myself, OCD if you will, that I didn't do something Right? That it's going to come back and Bite Me?

So many times I'll delegate things for fear I'll do it Wrong? I know isn't the Smartest thing to do? But especially with my Anxiety I've Nott been making the Best decisions. I do therapy, working on it.


Overanalysing and overthinking causes many personal problems.

Peace of mind is achieved by not thinking too much.

Change the things you can, accept the things you can't

All fear is self created ( except fear of heights and loud bangs which we are born with)

Therapy will help, but it's understanding where our experience comes from that can literally transform your life

We all fear failure. But there is no failure, only feedback


I understand and agree with everything you're saying, but it's easier said than done and these past couple of days ive been working on it, they been a good couple of days. I had to retired early because of my anxiety, I was missing a lot of work due to the anxiety. I was close to being terminated? I worked in a factory for 32 years. It's hard to get out, so I'm left with a lot of time on my hands. Being out I feel overwhelmed. Everyday I wake up feeling sick wondering what this day is going to be like? I have to keep on working on it till I can figure it out,?


I feel the same, it’s all easier said than done tried accepting it apparently that helps which I do as I’ve lived with it for so long but it doesn’t change anything , I refused tablets for a couple of years and now I’m resulting to taking them soon as I can’t bare to keep living like this anymore


I worked in a factory too, for 22 years, worked shifts, nights, weekends, 12 hour shifts etc. I believed what I was told when I was younger...work hard at school...get a job....work hard....get married....work hard...have kids....work even harder...etc

Married 14 years then it all ended...life turns upside down...become depressed etc etc

But after the rain comes the rainbow...there is life after marriage...there is life after working for a long time...you just have to make time to stop...and look for it

We all feel overwhelmed when we get wrapped up in our own over thinking

Peace of mind will only come when you drop all that unnecessary thinking

You can do it

Anxiety is feedback from your psychology that your thinking is out of balance. Human beings and everything in life is designed to constantly reach a state of balance


Thanks for writing, all those things you mentioned in the beginning are True when you were Younger, being older is a Whole different ball game, working hard for 32 years has came back and taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. All those other things you say, don't necessarily work for everybody, there's no one-size-fits-all.

I'm doing the Best that I can? This is my 3rd day straight that I haven't had any anxiety. I even went out to dinner with family members. I'm just doing hour by hour. So far so good ☺️


Why do you believe that?

I agree life has its stages that we go through, but just because you are older doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy your life.

It doesn't matter what happened in the past. It's over. Gone. You can't change it. The past is just a memory carried through time.

Forgive yourself .....and let it go.

We all make mistakes etc, it's part of growing and maturing as a person.

The longer you hold on to past memories...the longer you will feel like you feel....

If you were to work on improving your mindset...you will feel better mentally and physically

As human beings we are designed to live in a good feeling, in the moment, by thinking less about the past or worrying about the future and learning to enjoy NOW


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