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Peaceful Day

I woke up yesterday with my usual stomach ache, then all of a sudden it went away? I felt that God answered my prayers? I had a Peaceful Day, WOW it was Amazing. My thoughts were like there are more important things to think about? I've been wasting time on things that might not happen? But IAM cautiously optimistic? The other anxiety side of me is afraid it will come back? But all in all it's been a good day thank you God🙏

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You have had a good day, a period of respite, long may it last. Anxiety disorder has been known to resolve without intervention but such cases are as rare as dragons teeth and pigs that fly.

Anxiety disorder, including health anxiety, is caused by certain changes in our nervous system and once established tend to be self perpetuating until with our participation some form of therapy heals our sensitised nerves. This may be one-to-one therapy or following the advice in a good self-help book on the subject. Medication gives relief for as long as we take the tablets but rarely heals.

Some people believe that God sends these things to try us, every adversity brings with it the seed of a greater benefit. Each ordeal makes us stronger and wiser, thus we progress. So it's down to us to solve our problems, or find the people who can help us solve them. God may help but someone also said 'not for ever by still waters.'

You say you are afraid if it comes back. Those who fully understand how anxiety works and how it can be overcome do not fear the end of a period of remission, they have familiarised themselves with the methods that will eventually lead to full recovery. So they do not fear. They cannot afford to fear as the hormones this produces prolongs the over-sensitivity of the nervous system which is the sole cause of anxiety disorder.


Your correct in most of what you say,. I'am in therapy n meds I'm supposed to take aren't working for me, I stopped talking one of them, it's directions say "as needed". She wants me to keep taking it till she can see me??? We spoke that should have been good enough? I can't afford to keep making these high co-payments just to look at me? What she looking for? I pray to God to help, I know fixing it is on me. Im just looking for some kind of guidance n support. I do feel some anxiety, not as bad as the other days, that feelings like that don't just go away. What makes it Worse is others telling you to get over it? Because their just frustrated with us and don't understand what we're going through? Well thanks for writing, I'm sure this too shall pass?


I'm an old timer, my anxiety started 44 years ago. It's inherited so I'll never be free of it but I learned long ago how to deal with it so it doesn't rule my life. My mother experienced anxiety disorder and by the grace of God I discovered a book on her bookshelf that changed my life for the better. It taught me why we have anxiety disorder, how it works in our body, the many symptoms and most important of all how to recover from it.

The book was written 55 years ago and still has an enthusiastic following. It was written by an Australian doctor name of Claire Weekes and she followed it up with several more books but the first one is the best explanation of her method which has helped untold thousands return to a normal life.

It's not a miracle cure and it's certainly no here today gone tomorrow fad cure.

Weekes says that all anxiety disorder, including health and social anxieties, is the result of iur nervous system becoming super sensitised by worry, stress, grief, over-work, disappointment etc. In this over sensitised state our nerves begin to play tricks on us imitating real physical illnesses and putting strange ideas into our heads that are hard to shake off.

This generates fear and the fear generates fear hormones which saturate our nervous system causing the over sensitisation to continue. Fear is the thing we're all fighting, if we could be free if it our sensitised nerves would recover and we would feel normal once more. Fear causes symptoms causing more fear causing more symptoms etc etc in a vicious circle that perpetuates our suffering.

The way to break the vicious circle is to accept for the time being all the symptoms and strange thoughts. We must stop fighting the bad feelings as fighting causes more strain and stress which is not what we need. If we can replace fear with acceptance for the time being we will be well on the way to recovery.

There's a lot more to it than that of course, you have to read the book. It's short and free of tecnical terms and you feel the author knows you, you will soon recognise yourself in its pages.

The book is called 'Hope and help for your nerves' by Claire Weekes and you can buy a new or used copy for just a few dollars on Amazon. I recommend this book to you, Want2BHappy3, it has helped untold thousands to recover.

I believe this book is a Godsend.


Thank you Jeff for the information, I'll look into it. But it feels like the anxiety is never ending? I try to tell myself nothing going Wrong, everything fine. When I have anxiety eating is a problem because I have diabetes, my blood sugar drops then I get shaky n feel faint so then Im afraid to go out. I'm old timer too, I've been dealing with it off and on for about 36 years. It came back Hard about 6 years or so ago when my former employer was pressuring me to work 12 hour and some 7 day work weeks in a factory where temperatures could reach 110 degrees. That's was when I believe the anxiety really kicked in? I'm in my 60's I couldn't do it. They didn't care. So I retired or was going to be terminated for bad attendance and added to that was my finances were a mess and had to file bankruptcy which will be hanging over my head for many years to come making it hard to rent and re-establish credit. I need to move to a cheaper place. So alot on my plate.


Anxiety can cause blood sugar levels to rise temporarily, our brain thinks that anxiety means your being threatened and releases more glucose from the liver for fight or flight, that's why.

I too get anxious if I have more than 3 problems on at any one time. Make a list of all your 'to do' problems and just start at the beginning and work your way through then. I hope things improve for you soon.


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