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Fast heart beat

Hey everyone been resting on my couch no anxiety nothing and my heart is beating fast for no reason and I check my blood pressure is normal but my heart rate is between 85-98. What can it be from? I had coffee early this morning now it’s night time. I don’t get I’m get worried please someone tell me this happens to you out of no where. I been noticing this lately. At the doctor office the other day was at 72. But someone told me it’s normal heart rate it should be between 60-100 but again it worrying I been like this for a couple hours of now ughhh hate feeling scared. Thanks for your help guys much appreciated it!!

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Hi Vito, just came on to check messages...Hope you are feeling better. It happens at times even when lying down resting. You may think you are relaxed but don't forget our subconscious mind is stored with many memories of the day. Even hearing something on the tv or listening to music can stir up thoughts that can accelerate our heartbeat. Another thing is being dehydrated, having an alcoholic beverage and just plain being in a lying down position.

And yes, it has happened to me in the past. Take care my friend. Best wishes for a good night's sleep.


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