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Help help help please

Hi to all my english not good but i will try to write about my health.

From 15 Years i have chest pain almost every day from last 2 years it reach to left hand and shoulder.some time strong some time light.i go to many doctor many time they check.tte test.echo.ecg.blood pressor .coyestrol.all are my body shaking.dizziness.head pain also.all are anxiety medecine are fail.always on bed no energy feeling every time sick.please help me what can i do.pls pls pls

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I felt like this at some point and I still do sometimes. Anxiety can have many physical symptoms. Dizziness, low energy and headache are part of those many symptoms anxiety brings on. I have felt those symptoms and more. I changed my diet a little started eating healthier, that helped. I suggest you also ask the doctor to run more blood tests. Check your hormone levels and to check for any vitamin deficiency just to rule anything else out. If it's not physical then it's part of anxiety, then you would have to address the anxiety part.


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