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Idk what this is

This happens to me often but this time it happened harder and kicked me in the butt of realization that idk what this is and I don’t want to feel this way anymore. So when I see dirty things it literally makes me feel Idek how to explain it it makes me cry and have a mental Breakdown, it’s not like if I had clothes on my floor it’s like if there’s a hair or soap on a counter or anything like that and it makes me feel so angry yet nervous yet frustrated Idek how to explain it but I want to know what’s going on if anyone knows please reply

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It could be germophobia or some mild form of ocd?? either that or it’s something about the placement or shape that’s triggering for you, there’s tons of strange phobias out there. I hope you figure it out!


Thank you!


T123, when we experience anxiety disorder our over sensitised nervous system can play tricks on us and these can take many forms.

One way is that it exaggerates ten fold any minor fears and dislikes we have. In your case your anxiety has latched on to a possibly previous dislike of uncleanliness and magnified the dislike out of all proportion.

This is nothing to worry about: as with all 'strange ideas' it is harmless so long as you don't obsess and stress about it too much and it will resolve as soon as you recover from your anxiety disorder. Thus the symptom (your exaggerated fear of the unclean) will end when the cause (anxiety disorder) is resolved.

The best way to achieve this is to accept for the time being all the symptoms that your anxiety produces, accept them calmly and without fear as it is the hormones produced by fear that keep your nerves sensitised.

You must allow Acceptance to replace fear and negativity in order to recover.

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Thank you so much for this reply I appreciate it!!


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