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Drunk Panic Attacks ?

What’s going on guys so it’s like 4:30AM my time and usually when I drink I don’t ever get anxious from it considering this is pretty much the one thing that relaxes me. But today I think I kinda over did it since I was pretty much drinking throughout the day for cinco de mayo probably a good 11 beers spaced out through the day which may not really seem like a lot, especially for myself also. So anyways here I am awake in bed right now scared because I fell asleep drunk and woke up still kinda drunk. I know I’ve been waaaay more messed up before in life so idk why I’m letting myself freak out, I’ve been drinking water to keep myself hydrated etc.

Any advice for anyone that’s kinda been there done that?

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I rarely drink now due to those feelings 😩 they got so bad...it is strange, sometimes it affects more than others, it got that way it affects me always.

I’m sorry you feel this way right now. You are doing the right thing in drinking plenty of water 😊 resting, /sleeping being kind to yourself. It does pass,

Sorry I’m not a great help.

Wishing you well xx


Thank you !!! I’m feeling a lot better today

Gonna take a break from the drinks for a while


Good to hear you are feeling better 😊


Remember that alcohol is a depressant, and when we pass out after drinking a lot - even if we're not really drunk because we've been drinking over a long period - we don't sleep properly; we're more just unconscious than asleep, so our brain doesn't get the proper restorative rest it needs for us to feel refreshed. So you're not going to feel properly better until you've both replaced all the goodness alcohol has stripped from your body AND had a decent, restful sleep.

Alcohol does have a profoundly negative impact on the body's abilty to process nutrients AND actively strips our system of electrolytes, so we don't just need water but all the micronutrients which alcohol causes us to pee out.

Even one night (or day) of heavy drinking will take a few days to recover from (and the older we get the longer it takes to bounce back).

The real take-home message here is that alcohol is a poison and because of that fact we need to take appropriate counter measures if we want to avoid feeling both physically and mentally horrible as a result of booze.

I never touch the stuff anymore because it nearly ruined my life, but for years I used it as my primary form of self-midcation for anxiety. Knowing what I know now about how, in small ammounts, alcohol mimics GABAa - a "global" inhibitory neurotransmitter - meaning it's used throughout the brain as a "calming chemical" - it makes sense that a few drinks relax us, but beyond that the effect becomes increasingly negative.

To counter this I always used to take milk thistle before drinking - a powerful liver stimulant which helps the body process alcohol more effectively - have a sachet of rehydration salts and at least one pint of water before passing out, and would try to ensure that I always had something healthy to eat as soon as I woke up. It might not sound appetising, but years of experience taught me that sushi and carrot juice were the best hangover cure because it calmed my brain rather than simply easing the physical symptoms.

Bottom line: by all means enjoy a drink, but remember that it's a serious poison and you can't take poison without getting poisoned, so next time you feel anxious after drinking simply try to remember that "it's just the drug making me feel like this and I'll be ok once it's worn off".

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