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Derealization won't go away

derealization the feeling of everything being dream like, and fake. It won't go away its only gotten worse over the past year. I'm in a dream 24/7. All I can do is cry and lay in bed, I force myself to work out at least 30 min a day, I eat then I go back to sleep. I want to get out of this nightmare. I want to the confusion and dream to end. I feel so scared leaving the house when nothing feels real. I feel like mines is getting worse, other people can go out other people can write and still function meanwhile I struggle just going to the bathroom without freaking out. I've had CT scan blood test, everything and they say I'm fine. This has been going on and off again for years now, and I never had it this bad before. I never done drugs, I don't drink caffine, I don't eat gluten, or dairy, what the heck else can I do? I'm just so tired. Sounds are strange voices sound weird, sight is weird and bright. Nothing feels right about this, I want to way out of this madness.

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I’ve done LSD Like 4 times in my life along with a bunch of other stuff so I’ve gone through this exact thing myself in so much intensity that in made me question my existence. My advice to you is just watch deep movies and documentaries and talk to people around you who won’t label you crazy or laugh at anything you say.

Unless they’re laughing with you but other than that I think you’re probably just a genius and you see the world in ways many people can’t even think about it man


I am feeling the exact same!! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I did a lot of research on derealization and all we can do is just surround ourselves with friends and family and try to be happy around them even if we can’t feel reality. Staying calm and positive is all we can do to till our mind let’s us feel reality again :)

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Yes it's so freaking hard :(


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