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My experience with Anxiety

After suffering with anxiety for a few weeks I reluctantly decided to see if my GP could help. After he asked my wife and I many questions he prescribed Citalopram. He slowly increased the dose after about 6 weeks I began to feel better. So anyway I decided to lower my dose myself which put me back a bit. So listen to your GP and keep taking till the GP says different. My story started after a few things happened around the same time a very stressful job in care work with behavioral service users which I had to give up, health issues i.e spinal decompression surgery in 2010 which took years to be diagnosed, which left me generally unfit, financial issues and other things. All this ended up with me having to give up work and eventually lead to anxiety, I have had anxiety before but always got through it eventually. This time its lasted longer and also it has been more intense. I have been on Citalapram now for four months (30mgs) I take 1 in the morning and 2 at night each 10mgs. I did feel a little detached at 1st but now I have leveled off nicely and feeling much more like my old self. Some of the things I went through were night sweats, very much soaking my quilt covers etc, I felt much worse when I was on my own, I feelings of being worthless, also I convinced my self I would never get better. I also stopped doing things I liked to do even stopped looking at my phone. I knew I was a burden on my wife which further made me worse, my wife was great though and looked after me well. Some of the things I did to try and help my self, I kept myself active, walking, house work, socialising, avoided being alone, talking to others who have experienced anxiety. Try talking to your GP dont suffer for too long before you seek help. I am a Christian and relied on my faith a lot but I dont think there is anything wrong with getting medical help. Also think carefully about how your impacting those around you especially family. Another thing I believed helped me was trying to pretend I was Ok and never let it show how anxious I was. How ever you handle your situation I hope you can get through it. You will get through it. Keep that in mind. Much Love. Sean.

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Thank you for sharing Sean. It helps to hear ways that people cope and eventually feel better. Wishing you continued success in going forward. Continue to stay Positive. :)

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