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Anxiety has got me down

Past few days has been so rough. Monday terrible panic attack ( I suffer from health anxiety) I keep feeling like my head is swollen/pressure, heavy chest, throat closing... it's been rough. I did the unthinkable and googled... lord have mercy... I know it's my anxiety bc if I'm distracted everything goes away then I think about it and BOOM. It's back. Its so hard to function living with these horrible mental attacks...

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It's 100% your anxiety, if you need reassurance, go to your doctor. They'll check your brain and make sure you have no issue. I'm going through health anxiety as well, and the only relief I get is when I'm at these forums looking at how many people are going through the same thing as I am. I guess we just need to have hope and get through it. Good luck!


Please look at the cause of your anxiety attacks. There must be something that is bothering you. Identify it and then slowly try to reduce your focus from that cause.

6-8 hours of sleep, regular exercise, low-fat, low sodium diet and plenty of fruits can do wonders.

If you are too much concerned, then approach a doctor.


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