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Low heart rate, usually high

So I've been getting bouts of having a super low heart rate. I can feel it coming on. My head starts to hurt, my chest feels tight and I can feel every slow bump of my heart. I've gone to the ER and they said it was a migraine(which I get all the time) . I'm no doctor, but when you're in intense pain or scared, doesn't your heart rate go UP? I'm both in pain-my head really hurts, and anxious- why's my heart not beating... Anyone else have this happen? I usually run at 110-120 for my "normal" heart rate. Was on metropolol (however you spell it ) for about a year and a half but it didn't do a darn thing but make me feel like I didn't have the energy to even sleep, so they just took me off it. What the heck is happening?


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110/120 is high for a heart beat. 70 or 80 is normal. So maybe your heart beat is now normal.

Either way you need to discuss this with your doctor as the ER visit wasn't sufficient. It does sound like it could be anxiety but you need proper confirmation from your doctor before deciding on the remedy.


I'm checking it with 2 different machines. One is a pulse ox and the other is my phone. It got down to 38 yesterday. I'm definitely not an athlete so there's that. I know they have lower resting heart rates. I moderately exercise but definitely not an athlete. Weird thing is my blood pressure is always, always spot on. Even in intense situations and high stress times. It's only ever gone up when I had toxemia!


Chareetheferrari, I agree with Jeff1943, in that you need to have this checked out by your doctor. Coming off the Metoprolol could be causing some rebound effects. Take care x



How are you checking your heat rate? Any type of fitbit devices are not 100% accurate. Also how low is heart rate? You are going to get different opinions. But my doctor told me that anything after 60 beats for minute is normal but not like 100 or over that, and athletes usually have a lower heart rate like 50’s. I would honestly check with your doctor to be sure. What is normal for someone may not be for somebody else. My blood pressure is usually low and I have had low pulse like 58 beats per minute , but I usually run low so , then is fine with my doctor. So check with your doctor . Also sometimes I would feel very anxious and also feel like “palpitations “ and my fitbit would show 68 or some normal number heartbeats per minute! Anxiety can play tricks with you !!!. Best of luck and check with your doctor !!


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