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Afraid to sleep after scary dizzy episode. 😞

Hi, everyone!

I had experienced a scary dizzy episode. I was looking down at my phone, scrolling through Instagram when suddenly the room start to spin and I close my eyes, begin to panic, waiting for it to pass.

Finally it did and it left my heart beating fast. I hope it don't happen again but I need to go to the ER.

I told you all in my last post that I have been suffering with this dizziness since last week and now I want to kill myself cause it's driving me nuts.

But still? I take it back. I do believe that one of the causes have to do something with my posture, staying late, coming on my cycle, or my ears or brain tumor. Yikes.

Anyone had a problem like this?

I swear it is so hard to cope with, I'm tired of it.

I'm afraid its going to get worse.

What if I faint or have it in my sleep then die?

Please keep me in your prayers.

Thank you, Deanna.

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Do not be afraid to go to sleep that's just your anxiety speaking.. Dizziness is one of the main signs of a panic episode but I suggest you get checked out just to make sure and to ease your mind.. Take care of yourself and eat fresh fruits, vegetables and spend sometimes out to get some fresh air.. Everyday set a time to just completely relax your body and mind. Stressing too much for too long will contribute to having panic episodes. If you are religious or spiritual try to pray to God before going to sleep that will help ease the anxiety (it helps me).. I notice this was posted two days ago so I hope you feel better by now. Hope I helped.

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