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My ortho said that I have 4 teeth extracted

I got an X-ray at the orthodontist today So it ooks like I’m gonna have to get 4 premolars extracted for braces to correct protrusion issues

I already got my wisdom teeth out so this should be less extensive but of course I still get nervous and anxious about it and freaked obviously I’m having local anesthesia done but I I’m low key freaking out

I know it’s silly but I just do

Anyone have any tips?

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I had every one of my teeth pulled after my wreck. If yours are premolars and not permanent teeth it won’t hurt at all. If they shake your lip when you get the shots you won’t even feel it. I had a lot of shots and my dentist shook my lip. I never knew I got shots. I like to close my eyes, breathe and sing the ABC’s. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to remember ABC’s but you can sing anything. I get up to 20 shots in my back regularly. I sing ABC’s and it refocuses my brain. It really works. When done if given pain medicine take one before numbing wears off. Then 4-6 hours later and you’ll be great! Those teeth don’t have roots. They are supposed to come out. It’s easy. Wisdom teeth hurt like the dickens. My whole face swelled like a chipmunk. It was awful! This will be nothing! You can also wear ear buds and listen to music. That helps me. I hate sounds at the dentist. You can sing along with that. Out loud or silently lol. My shot doctors always so okay start singing and I breathe and relax and start singing. You’ll be fine! ❤️

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Thanks I’ll try it out sounds pretty helpful:)


I was pretty nervous getting extractions for braces too at first! I decided not to get the stuff(?) (forgot what it is) that would make you sleepy and did it normally with just the numbing shots. I always got nervous about the shots too, but I never even feel them so it's not a big deal. Once the shots kicked in.. I could barely tell they were plucking out my 4 teeth, I usually just stare straight ahead at the wall to concentrate if I get a bit nervous. If you haven't had extractions before.. you can kinda "feel" the tugging on the teeth but it doesn't hurt at all, and the procedure went extremely quick! (or I just had a good orthodontist : ) ) It's somewhat like your tooth is a foreign object. Even after the extraction I barely felt anything, the worst part was cleaning the blood because it takes a little while to stop haha

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