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Antidepressants diary journey - Day 1


Hello a few people have messaged me and suggested this would be a good idea as it will benefit me to talk about how I feel but hopefully also help others who may be doing something similar.

Although if this is not appropriate for this site please let me know - I don't think I'll post every day but maybe every few days.

Here goes

So today was the first full day of taking antidepressants again but I'm really hopefully that they will make a difference this time.

The medication is setraline 50mg

I would say within the first few hours I began to feel really sick and tired. I felt slightly weird.

Waking up this morning wasn't nice at all. I just felt out of it and really sick. I rang in work as there was no way I could go in feeling this.

As the day has gone on it has improved. I wouldn't say im feeling more anxious but I'm certainly feeling more down and sad. I've decided to take my tablet earlier (not sure if that is wise) to see if I can reduce how sick I feel in the morning. I worked out it was around 10 hours after taking the tablet so I'm hoping it works.

As it stands at the moment I really hate this feeling of feeling sick and my stomach is really hurting. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the worst feeling in the world I would say I'm feeling about 5.

I just hope they die down.

Anyways I'm interesting to see how the first week goes. I'm not looking forward to it but determined.


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If the sick feelings continue for a few more days contact your psychiatrist to see what he thinks. He may want to try a different SSRI.

I felt so bad on it I only took one pill. But i know people who would say the same about Lexapro, and personally the Lexapro is a better fit for me. Good luck and let us know how the next couple days go.

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