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Another sleepless night 😞😞

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Havent been able to sleep lately . I’ll stay up til 3am and sleep all the way to 12pm ... went to the doctor last Monday and he up my doses Zoloft 50 mg and hydroxyzine 50 mg . I take Zoloft in the morning and hydroxyzine three times a day . But I still can’t sleep . At night time is when I really have bad anxiety. 😞😞😞 don’t know what to do

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Im not on any of the same medications as you are but i also have problems with sleeping. I take my medications first thing in the morning but when it comes time to sleep i usually only get a few hours at a time and then i am up again. Happens atleast 3 times a night. I have been able to get a little more sleep when i listen to my relaxation sounds... for me it is a thunderstorm at the ocean. It soothes me and helps me sleep. Maybe you can try to find a sound that might help you. But the increase in medication could also effect your sleep

I feel the same way. It’s like I can’t go to bed. Then at 3 or 4 in the morning I will finally get to sleep then I sleep all day the next day. Melatonin and some OTC restless leg pills help, but I still have some problems. I also take Clonopin and some pain pills that help some.

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