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Social Blushing :(

Anyone else suffer from it??

It's a complete nightmare and after having it for a long time, there seems no way of getting any help for it. So, I try not to talk to too many people, as it's more comfortable that way! :( Luckily, I live in a small village and am a carer for my partner, so I don't have to face that many people on a daily basis.

It has and does, ruin my life. :'(

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Yes...I totally understand...I have had this problem since I was 14.....I hate it...if a stranger speaks to me or if I feel ive made a mistake I turn really red and then I think everyone has noticed...vicious cycle....I feel your pain youre not alone :) I wish I stayed in a small village like u :)

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Horrible isn't it and yes, it is a vicious cycle. :(

Thanks for your reply Aspergirl47. :)


Most people are so self absorbed that I don't think that they notice.

Even if they did, the good one's would never say anything or judge you. They would have compassion and "ignore" anything that might be uncomfortable for you. The self absorbed ones would NOT see it because its " all about them" and the nasty ones can go, pound sand.

I think you are safer than you know about this.

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Thank you Indigojoe, that is really nice of you to say. :)


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