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Hypochondriac -Health Anxiety


I’m tired of worrying about my health. Every little pain/ache, my mind says it has to be a terminal illness/cancer, something life threatening... etc.

I convinced myself I had a brain tumor, MRI was clear.

Chest pains... heart issues. All tests clear.

Back pain... cervical cancer, Pap clear.

Calf pain... blood clot. Ultrasound clear

I’ve had a ton of blood work, all normal.

As of late rib aches and breasts aches on and off, convinced it’s breast cancer or some sort of cancer.

Looking at all of this as I type makes me feel like I’m crazy. I was never such a hypochondriac until after my second child... I’ve always dealt with anxiety but never has it affected me like this.

I’ve tried to ignore symptoms and my thoughts but they never disappear until a doctor reassures me,but I don’t want to run to the doctor for every symptom that pops up.

I’m at a loss as what I should do. I’ve seen a psychiatrist twice, I didn’t like him. Thinking of going to a psychologist next.

Any advice is appreciated or similar experiences with postpartum health anxiety.

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You're tired of worrying about your health but all these tests prove beyond shadow of doubt that your body is healthy and all these symptoms you list are fake confidence tricksters even though they feel so real.

You are experiencing anxiety disorder and when your nerves are so sensitive they magnify all our normal concerns and minor fears ten-fold. That's why every minor ache becomes a terminal illness and nervous tension can often make those aches and pains feel most uncomfortable.

You're not crazy, Ashley, lots of us are hypochondriacs here, we feel/have felt exactly as you do now. If only you could stop fearing these symptoms your nerves will settle down, your anxiety will disperse and you wouldn't have a care in the world.

Just imagine not having a care in the world!

I'm sure I've given you my Acceptance lecture before so won't repeat it again but I'll just reiterate my suggestion to concentrate less on the symptoms and focus more on their cause - Anxiety.

Ashley228 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you for always having advice


I suffer from this too :(

Ashley228 in reply to Hidden

Hang in there! I know how hard it is


Hand in there! I fight it every day. My body shakes all the time. I feel lightheaded, chest burns, nauseous and have digestive issues. I have had tests performed and all have coke back normal (just had 2 ekg's done in the past month), but the physical symptoms persist horribly on a daily basis.

Doctor thinks it's panic disorder and it very well may be. But, with all of these terrible physical symptoms, I can't help but think something is seriously wrong physically! I'm at the end of my rope!

Oh no I’m sorry to hear that... that’s terrible. I hope it is all just anxiety! Take care of yourself

You do the same! We'll get through this!

Hi there I know this post is old but reading your symptoms really hit home with me. I’m very similar, any unusual or new ache or pain and I instantly think it’s serious diagnosis.

How are you now? Have things settled?

Ashley228 in reply to Rose0402

Hi there I’m better than I was a year ago but still worry a lot about new aches and pains and tend to think the worst but try to be rational as to what’s causing them. I don’t think being a hypochondriac, for me, will ever really go away. Anxiety is a daily struggle and I just take each day at a time, some are better than others.

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