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Sick of feeling this way

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I’m so sick of constantly feeling like I can’t brearhe :( I had to stop taking my clonazepam because it gave me an allergic reaction and I’m on Paxil but the doctor says that could take up to 3 weeks to see any effect from it and I’m not even done a full week yet. I’m just sick of the anxiety and panic attacks :(

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Be patient,hope they have the right effect for you.

Best wishes fior a happy outcome.

Hi I feel for you it’s a horrible feeling. Being anxious can make you short of breath so find a way to be calmer. There are others on here that are just the same we are all in it together you are not alone so hang in there ☘️

Just be patient with the medication, drink lots of water.

Do you get acid reflux.?

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Ctate96 in reply to Whatnext2018

Lately I get it ALL THE TIME

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Whatnext2018 in reply to Ctate96

That’s probably the reason you can’t breath. Buy some liquid gaviscon, I find the aniseed flavour works best. Acid reflux causes breathing issues

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Ctate96 in reply to Whatnext2018

So it’s orobably not my anxiety at all? It’s jusy my acid reflux?!

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Whatnext2018 in reply to Ctate96

Yes, have the gaviscon and see if it makes a difference

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Ctate96 in reply to Whatnext2018

Is gaviscon okay to take with other meds? Ex- janumet (diabetes) and Ramipril (high blood pressure) and Paxil (anxiety)

I will check, but don’t take at the same time, take your meds and the gaviscon two hours after. I will find out now brb

There is a lot of variations for the meds your on so I think best ask in your local pharmacy as you can tell them what you take and they can advise properly.

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Ctate96 in reply to Whatnext2018

Thank you!

Dear Ctate, I can so relate to you. Paxil is an SSRI and comes with side effects that mimic the reason you got on this to begin with. I was on Zoloft (SSRI) for 3 weeks. My side effects were awful. I had to switch to a Trycyclic anti depressant. Talk to your Dr. Maybe you are hyper sensitive to Paxil.

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What were your side affects in zoloft?

Hang in there, I had the exact same thing happen to me, I would literally feel like I couldn’t catch my breath. I spent many nights at the ER only to be told nothing was physically wrong. Finally my doctor put me on Paxil and within 3 weeks it completely stopped. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am since I started the Paxil. Hopefully you’ll have the same results!

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Ctate96 in reply to Dmott12985

It feels so great to hear you say that it worked for you! I haven’t really had any weird side effects from the Paxil I don’t think I’m just ready to feel better. I haven’t even been on it a week :( 3 weeks seems so far away!

Hi I had citalopram about 7 years ago for my anxiety I didn't want to take it as I felt so bad I didn't want to feel any worse ! But doctor said I could take diazepam along with it as can take 3 weeks to kick in.can't remember how long it took but I did start to feel well and relaxed and anxiety free ,stayed on it for a hope you are soon feeling better try not to worry about the breathing that's all part of the anxiety.if they check you out ? Then its the anxiety I still get it sometimes if I'm stressed.

I know what you're going through, I wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I went to a new psychiatrist yesterday. She prescribed Hydroxyzine works right away, 50 milligrams. I haven't been able to use it yet because the pharmacy was closed.

Sometimes we have to switch around the medications see what works.

What's rough for me is leaving the house I feel faint and I just want to go back home. Good luck

Hang in there! I've been on Paxil for just over a year now and it has helped me significantly. Was starting to have agoraphobia and was panicking about doing anything. Not sure if you have any activities you like to do to calm you down, but they can definitely help. Music, a TV show, art...

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Ctate96 in reply to Imthedudeman

I’ve been trying to find an activity that will calm me down, just haven’t found one yet.

I learned something yesterday. Another breathing technic that helped. Breathe thru your nose. Every once in awhile breathe in and hold your nose and mouth for a count of twenty. Then breathe slowly out of your nose. Mouth breathing takes away your carbon dioxide and makes you dizzy or lightheaded. Nose breathing can actually calm you down.

I’ll have to try this! Thanks so much!

They did a study on this. Actually asked them to tape their mouth shut as they slept. So their mouth wouldn't open and it was quite helpful.

I know exactly what you mean. It sucks! I'd be short of breath 24/7 and nothing I was doing helped until o saw a therapist. I'm seeing her twice a week now but she says when it gets really bad try focusing on other things like get your senses going by touching something with a unique texture or smelling something with a lot of fragrance. It's been helping me. I have some tough stress balls that work. Hang in there.

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