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How is your day going ?


Would like to tell everyone about my day i been alright one thing that got me thinking alot and looking on google is that when im laying down i feel like something is wrong with my thyriod i feel like something is forcing to make it be fast i feel it in my throat so it like accerlerates it made me jump to the point i was like is it something wrong with my thyriod or is it my heart Over the one year suffering did it messed up my thryiod or heart rythm that i been having problem i would like to know what are stuff that happens in the thyriod like does it makes your heart beat forcefully or having a jumpy feeling that makes me feel like my heart is gonna stop and then it accerlrates super fast that my pulse in my neck just beat fast and hard its crazy because i type on good to see about thyriod and heart and it just say so much stuff that i do not know. also how is everyone day is going?

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Johnnie, the 11th commandment is "Thou shall not Google". Remember that and have a peaceful night. You are A-OK physically! :)

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