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Raise your hand up if you have obsessive thoughts!! 😛😬👋🏼

Where all my people at that can’t shake an image or thought or worry from their system! Give it up and give yourself a pat on the back for moving forward with it. Suffering from one I don’t know how to shake and it ain’t fun. But I know it will go away with the right steps and healing process. Much love folks 🧠😫💪🏻🙏🏽

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I use to... but no longer do thank God! When you obsess over health issues it’s the can’t run away from your own body :(


How do you deal with it? I need some tips. I obsess over made up things all the time. certain things I have been obsessing over for years. Things that have never happened and never will.

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Routine, patience, sometimes trying to figure out the root source and taking action to address it, sometimes I’m able to ignore it and it will fade away, sometimes replacing it with an easier, more manageable obsessive thought, seeing my psychologist if need be, sometimes changing my medication, most of all, reminding myself that what goes up most come down, and that this too shall pass as miserable as it may at times feel. Most of all, accepting it to some degree, not panicking, and thinking, just like sometimes I have to live with a cold, sometimes I have to live with an obsessive thought.

Share with me things you do!


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